Thursday, July 16, 2009

Puckett Day :~)

I always look forward to Puckett Day for some reason. There's nothing fancy. We don't have a famous band to come play for us. The floats are simple. It's in the middle of July which means it's HOT. Yet something about the simplicity of the day just makes it perfect!

This year a friend of ours from the Madison area came since he wife and kids were visiting her dad for the weekend. He brought his little dirt bike to ride since Patt told him we always take the 4 wheeler for the day. Before we could even get up to where everyone was Patt's phone was ringing. First his nephew Bailey asking where are ya'll. Not 3 minutes later his dad was calling asking the same thing.

So off we go on the 4 wheeler. It's about a mile from our house to the post office where everyone was meeting up. We hung out then went to find a spot to get the most candy. (Patt loves to get the candy....) Well sure enough Patt couldn't stand not riding in the parade so he has to play up and down the road. Then he gets his friend to ride and play with him. Thankfully they come back to pick me up then it's off to the ball park we go. They have booths set up so we looked at them. Found an artist that does amazing work and we think we're going to have her do a family oil painting of the whole family. Ate a hamburger, watched a little of the softball game a girl from my home town was playing in. Patt's sister was telling us about the homemade ice so we went and found it. I never thought banana pudding ice cream would be good but that stuff was oh so yummy. Then finally home. Nothing out of the ordinary...just simple which is something that I'm learning I like the most. The simple life out in the country :)


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Hey Girl!!!! So nice to see a familiar face here in blogland. Cute blog...I'm back blogging too. Check out my new site. Love ya!!