Thursday, June 11, 2009

Has it been about 20 years?

Sunday I get to see friend I haven't seen in over 20 years! She lives out of state and will be "home" this weekend to celebrate her parents 50th wedding anniversary! They are having a big party for them. We use to have so much fun growing up and we've got back in touch through facebook again. I can remember us singing and dancing (our favorite was YMCA) and we loved Duran Duran! We'd have sleep overs every weekend. I can remember one night us getting sick off of taffy from the fair. Her dad had a box "saved" and we found it and ate the whole box. Think we both got sick! I'm just so excited to see her after all these years, meet her husband and kids and celebrate with her mom and dad. Her mom asked my mom the other day if I was coming and mom told her she though I was. Ms Bessie Jo replied she better be there...she was one of my kids growing up. What sweet people they!


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Amy said...

I hope you both have a lot of fun, good friends make good memories.